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Detax Freeprint Crown permanent crown resin


Light-curing formulation for 3D printing of permanent single crowns, denture teeth and long-term temporary bridges.
Made in Germany

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V-Print splint – Voco


  • Medical device, class IIa
  • Biocompatibility and neutral flavour ensure high level of patient acceptance
  • 385 nm wavelength allows aesthetically pleasing clear-transparent print
  • High flexural strength for durable objects
  • High degree of precision and thus accurate fit for highly comfortable wear
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V-Print splint comfort – Voco


  • Highly flexible and abrasion-resistant – extremely fracture-resistant and durable
  • Thermoflexible and flavourless – for excellent wearing comfort
  • Transparent – for hardly visible splints
  • Low-odour and easy to polish – for pleasant processing
  • Biocompatible and flavourless – for excellent customer acceptance
  • Classified as MD IIa – for safety and long-term therapy use
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Bifix Hybrid Abutment


  • All-in-one – permanent luting of all known dental materials
  • Highest flexibility – intraoral application in the practice and extraoral in the laboratory
  • High aesthetic – the perfect masking of dark substrates with highly opaque shades
  • With Try-In pastes – precise shade simulation for hybrid abutments, abutment crowns and core treatments
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Ufi Gel hard C – Voco


  • Complete, hard relining chairside, in just one session
  • Methyl methacrylate-free
  • Neutral taste and odour
  • No heat development in the mouth
  • Good colour stability
  • As easy as taking an impression
  • Aesthetic, high patient acceptance and comfort
  • Smooth surface
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Ufi Gel SC – Voco



  • Complete chairside relining within minutes in one appointment
  • Extremely high adhesion between denture and relining material with a special adhesive
  • Biocompatible, tasteless and odorless
  • Esthetic stable color, shade adaptation effect


  • Fewer working steps than conventional cold-curing products
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Quick Up Self-cured cementation material – Voco


  • Very simple chairside use
  • High strength values
  • Complete set for immediate use, including checking and block out material for primary structures that require protection, e.g. implants
  • Ideal combination of self-curing luting material and light-curing correction material
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CediTEC DT Denture Teeth CAD/CAM – Voco


  • Cured composite for high quality and durable denture teeth
  • Translucent shade and high fluorescence for natural aesthetics
  • Production of individual, accurately fitting denture teeth, reproducible at any time
  • Effortless polishing for a natural gloss
  • Easy to individualize without using an MMA primer
  • Aesthetic, precise, individual – dentures made with the CediTEC/V-Print dentbase system
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