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motion 3

New standards in comfort, safety & efficiency

Ceramill Motion 3 is the gamechanger in in-house production: the world’s most intelligent hybrid machine combines excellent production quality and maximum diversity of materials and indications with an end-to-end digital workflow. With the Ceramill Motion 3, Amann Girrbach has truly established the digital age in dental technology. At the same time, the 5-axis milling unit sets new standards in terms of convenience, process reliability, as well as time and resource efficiency. The Ceramill Motion 3 allows users to concentrate fully on their core business again and automatically analyzes and optimizes workflows due to its smart analysis functions.


Motion on the move

The wide range of functions of the Ceramill Motion 3 is not only available at the touch of a button via the new human-machine interface (HMI) on the machine. Smart Device allows you to access the world's smartest 5-axis hybrid machine anytime, anywhere - regardless of whether you are in the laboratory or at home and without any compromises in restoration quality.


Ease of motion

CAD/CAM production and maintenance have never been easier. The Ceramill Motion 3 combines maximum user-friendliness and process reliability due to HMI and RFID technology. With an intuitive interface and sophisticated tracking technology, the machine guides you intelligently through the processes. This allows you focus on essential things and saves time, money and nerves.


Analytics in motion

Owing to the integrated analysis functions via AG.Live, you are able to continuously optimize capacity and resource management and fully gear the use of the Ceramill Motion 3 to efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.
motion 3
motion 3


Motion maximum

Never has a single machine offered so much motion! The Ceramill Motion 3 is ready for any indication and enables fully automated dental arch restorations of the highest quality due to innovative carving and sculpturing technology (C-Clamp) in the accustomed Motion quality.



Since 2012, the Ceramill Motion 2 5-axis milling unit has been setting new standards in dry and wet processing. This success story is being continued on the occasion of the 10th anniversary with a major machine update featuring new milling strategies and the new C-Clamp blank holder. These innovations enable even more efficient and faster work. From now on, you have the option of discovering the quality of the Ceramill Motion 2 in two different versions and according to your requirements. Why not begin with the DRY package, which is specialized for dry processing? You want more? Then upgrade your system easily and conveniently and benefit from the combination of dry and wet milling in a single system with our HYBRID PACKAGE. Ceramill Motion 2 raises the bar in dental technology to a new level with its future-proof and economical features. This positions your laboratory perfectly for the future!

motion 2


Axes: 5
Processing mode: Dry OR Hybrid
Tool management: 6-compartment tool changer, management of replacement tools
Dimensions: 595 x 530 x 780 mm
Weight: 78 kg
Power Output: 750 W
Motor Speed: 100,000 rpm
Compressed Air: 50 L/min. at 6 bar


The DRY package provides you with the specialist for dry milling units in your laboratory. The Ceramill Motion 2 not only impresses with its fast processing times and top quality thanks to outstanding zirconia milling, but is also unbeatable in terms of price. And of course, the upgradeable DRY package can be expanded flexibly so that all future requirements can also be mastered without any problems. It has never been so easy to be the benchmark in the dry processing segment!


The HYBRID package combines dry as well as wet processing within one system and convinces our customers with esthetic and high-quality results. Thanks to the all-rounder, the full value creation chain during processing remains in your laboratory. The simple switch from dry to wet operation is safe, time-saving and convenient to implement. All in one and all in the accustomed exceptional quality. The HYBRID package - for an all-rounder in your dental laboratory!



Ceramill Matik opens up a still unique segment within the digital dental world. As the first full service unit, it combines three machines in one. Apart from the actual processing station, the system also performs the functions of a fully automated stock management system as well as a machine cleaning device.

The support in loading, cleaning and in material management allows massive time savings in everyday laboratory routines. Furthermore, additional software tools help to make optimum use of the materials and the tools. Due to RFID*, it does not matter whether the resources to be used are placed inside or outside the system.

Yet another highlight is the newly designed 5X machining station. In development, for example, the main focus was on the maximum diversity of indications and materials. Ceramill Matik therefore offers innovative processing methods such as the patented carving mode (60 % time saving), thrilling (production of one-piece abutments) and speed milling of acrylic materials, as well as the maximum material range from hard and brittle block materials to zirconium and PMMA materials and metal materials.



Axes (processing + management): 5 + 4
Processing mode: autonomous Dry/Wet
Spindle torque: 11.2 Ncm
Spindle speed: 100.000 min-1
Tool management: replaceable 27x tool stock, trays with RFID management, management of replacement tools
Material management: automatic material management with RFID-supported material holders, 36-fold blank tank
Dimensions: 780 x 1265 x 2000 mm
Weight (empty/max): 520/625kg
Power Output: 750 W
Compressed air peak: 400l/min at 8bar in the cleaning mode
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