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MPF Brush Co.

At MPF Brush Co. our primary goal is to continue to improve our customer’s performance by offering a unique range of laboratory hand tools, brushes, pal- ettes, accessories and rotary instruments at a reasona- ble price, without compromising on quality.

With more than 20 years in the market we are the leaders in premium dental instruments worldwide.

Collaborating with opinion leading dental technicians from around the world has enabled us to ‘think outside the box’ when designing unique dental ceramic hand tools.

Hybrid Series

MPF Hybrid Brush Tip

Due to the decrease of High-Quality Kolinsky, our solution was to to incorporate a Felt Nib insert within the hair bundle. This absorbent Felt Nib when wet withholds water and due to the fact that the hair bundle is wrapped around the felt nib creates a constant humid enviroment. This keeps the hair in a constant humid state.

MPF Hybrid Plus Brushes & Brush Kit

Our recent Innovation in the dental brush industry, the Hybrid brush line with its absorbent internal nib implementation within the brush head, allowed us to create a much better humid environment for Synthetic hair.

The Hybrid Plus brush series are made out of 100% high grade synthetic hair that is perfect when being used for dental ceramics and staining. The absorbent material in the core of the hair bundle mimics the action of the natural hair, and delivers the exact humidity levels that are needed.
mpf hybrid brush

Brushes & Brush Kits

Optimum™ Spring Ceramic Brushes & Kits: Mens

Spring activated tip. Perfectly balanced.Replaceable premium Kolinsky sable brush tips. Integrated thorn allows to release pinned die-segments from model base.

mpf hybrid brush

Optimum™ Spring Ceramic Brushes & Kits: Ladies

Optimum™ Spring Ceramic Brushes Kits contain all 3 Brush Tip sizes (#4, #6, #8), plus the handle of your choice.

mpf hybrid brush


MPF Composite Warming Palette

Introducing the first ever MPF Composite Warming Palette. This unique innovation has been designed to bring the composite to a more malleable consistency which assists the user in manipulating the composite when restoring small or long span res- torations especially when the need for extensive gingival adaptation in hybrid cases is required. The palette case has been created from a polycarbonate material that is called “Makrolon”, and has stable UV properties that prevents direct UV light from polymerizing the composite within the tray. Furthermore, the lid of the palette box has the ability to remain open at any height you desire, in order to prevent direct light from your laboratory surroundings.

Glass Ceramic Palette

Italian marble surface with nylon worksheet. Durable base. Capillary action keeps ceramic mix continuously wet.

Glass Ceramic Palette

Glass work surface. Durable base. Synthetic leather strips keep ceramic mix continuously wet.
mpf palette

Carving Instruments

MPF Revolution Ceramic Sculpturing Instruments

Precision ceramic carving tools. Perfectly balanced. Replaceable tips. Ergonomic handles.

mpf carving instruments

Optimum™ Ceramic Carving Instrument

Integrated thorn allows to release pinned die-segments from model base.

mpf carving instruments
mpf brush
mpf brush