3D Printer for dentistry

ASIGA 3D Printer

Minimum footprint,
maximum productivity.

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“The Asiga UV provides our laboratory consistent results for all 3D printed applications. Eliminating the variability in our printing has greatly streamlined our manufacturing output.”


Globally proven layer
formation technologies

Every layer is formed under a closely monitored process delivering exceptional consistency and performance.

Asiga SPS ™ technology

Providing platform positioning feedback ensuring your build platform is where it needs to be for every layer.

Z height precision guaranteed.

Automatic LED power adjustment

Our internal radiometer / light meter provides real-time feedback and automatic cure time adjustment based on actual LED power.

Precise layer curing for every layer.

Industrial grade
high-power LED

For optimum material curing choose our UV model which houses a 385nm LED for precise layer curing and ability to process water-clear materials.

Also available with 365nm or 405nm LED.

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Material Freedom
over 500 materials available

Experience the widest choice of materials on the market with unlimited and unrestricted access to many industry-leading materials for a variety of applications. Future-proof your business and stay up-to-date with the latest validated 3D print materials thanks to Asiga’s Open Material Architecture.

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